Microsoft Azure Administrator Training Certification Course

Microsoft Azure training is an in-depth training for the Azure Administrator that will help you master various aspects of the cloud architecture, its various layers, components, Azure Resource Manager, Virtual Network connectivity, Windows PowerShell, deploying the cloud infrastructure and security. Microsoft Azure is an emerging market leader. We want to help you, bright your career with our Azure Training.

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Microsoft Azure (AZ-104) Certification Course Overview

This Azure Training Program will help you Master the skills needed to operate the Cloud Infrastructure and also prepare you for Azure Administrator Certification Exam – AZ 104. You will get Hands-on experience on Networking, Storage, Virtual Network (VNet), Firewall, DNS, Traffic Manager, Site Recovery, Virtual Machine, Active Directory, Access Management, Identities, Scaling, DNS, Load Balancing, AD Connect, Migration and much more.

Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) Syllabus

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn what is cloud computing? This module includes:

  • What is Cloud
  • Cloud Deployment Models
  • Cloud Service Models
  • Advantage of Cloud Computing
  • Azure Certification Levels
  • Azure Administrator Exam Details

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about Azure Resource Group and its management. This module includes:

  • Manage Azure Resource Group from Console
  • Manage Azure Resource Group from PowerShell

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about how to launch Virtual Machine and connect. This module includes:

  • Launch and connect Windows VM’s
  • Launch and connect RedHat VM’s
  • Configure Web Server on Windows VM
  • Configure Web Server on RedHat VM
  • Create Image of VM
  • Add Extra Disk

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to secure identities with Azure Active Directory and implement users and groups. This module includes:

  • Azure Identity Service
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • SSRP (Self Service Reset Password)
  • SAAS Applications
  • Connect on-Premise Machine to AAD
  • Connect on-Premise AD to AAD

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about managing your subscriptions and accounts, implementing Azure policies, and role-based access control. This module includes:

  • Subscriptions and Accounts
  • Azure Policy
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Azure Blueprints

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about basic virtual networking concepts like virtual networks and Subnetting, IP addressing, network security groups, Azure Firewall, and Azure DNS. This module includes:

  • Azure Virtual Network (VNet)
  • IP Addressing / Subnets
  • Network Interfaces
  • Network Routes and Route Table
  • VNet - Address Spaces
  • Regional VNet Peering
  • Network Security Group
  • Azure DNS

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about Intersite connectivity features including VNet Peering, VPN Gateway Connections, ExpressRoute and Virtual WAN. This module includes:

  • VPN Gateway Connections
  • Global VNet Peering
  • Point-to-Site VPN
  • Site-to-Site VPN
  • Express Route and Virtual WAN

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about network traffic strategies including network routing, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Application Gateway and Traffic Manager. This module includes:

  • Azure Application Gateways
  • Azure Load Balancer
  • Azure Traffic Manger
  • Azure Scale Set
  • CDN (Content Network Delivery)

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about basic storage features including storage accounts, blob storage, storage security, Azure files and File Sync, and managing storage. This module includes:

  • Storage accounts
  • Storage Types
  • Managing Storage
  • Static Website Hosting
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Storage Replication
  • Versioning
  • Connect Azure Storage to Local Machine

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn administer Serverless computing features like Azure App Service Plans, Azure App Service, Container Services, and Azure Kubernetes Service.

  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Container Instances
  • Azure Kubernetes Service

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about backing up files and folders, and virtual machine backups. This module includes:

  • File and Folder Backups
  • Virtual Machine Backups

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about monitoring your Azure infrastructure including Azure Monitor, alerting, and log analytics. This module includes:

  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Alerts
  • Log Analytics
  • Network Watcher

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about How to migrate on-Premises Machine and Virtual Machines to Azure:

  • Migrate On-premise Machine to Azure
  • Migrate Virtual Machine to Azure

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Azure (AZ-104) Certification Course FAQs

Azure Cloud Administrator Program will help you master the Azure infrastructure by understanding Azure Cloud Architect Technology Solutions, implementing workloads and security in Azure, creating and deploying apps in Azure, and securing data in Azure. You can start preparing for Azure certification course by learning about Identity Services, Networking, Intersite Connectivity, Traffic Management, Storage, Serverless Computing, Data Protection, Monitoring and Migration.

An Azure Administrator is responsible for implementing, monitoring, and managing Microsoft Azure solutions, which spans key services related to compute, storage, network, and security.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that allows individuals and organizations to deploy web applications, virtual servers, and IT platforms. It also allows them to host databases, perform analytics, and store data.

No. The Azure exam fee is not included in the course fee.

A cloud administrator manages cloud-based IT resources. A cloud administrator can either work directly for a company’s cloud services organization or can also be a third-party organization contracted to administer the cloud-based IT resource service.

We provide recordings of each session you attend for future reference.

System Administrators, Network Engineers, Database Administrators, Senior Desktop Engineer, Managers having understanding of Server can go ahead with this Course.

Azure is one of the leading cloud platform, having skill on Azure Administration can help you in getting good opportunities in today’s cloud market.

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My basics in Network wasn’t strong enough but Jamal Sir tutored me and helped clear my networking foundation and core concepts. I am really obliged to Jamal Sir because of him I could get a job at Tesla as a successful Network Engineer.

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